Sunday, September 20, 2009

live sketch update

REJECT: this blonde lady first had a great impact looking at my drawing, rolling around on the ground laughing out load but after reaching back her senses she said "am i that ugly".
you tell me...

the following drawings are from satisfied customers.

When you get the feeling that you are going nowhere and you are loosing in creativity, posting live sketch always helps to break through this period of doubt.

Usually i don't take it personal when i get a reject drawing but i sometime wonder what went wrong as i still have a lot to learn about caricature, so today i took some pictures of my art work retail style and decided to post it hoping to get some feed back comments to figure out what i could improve and skill up.

So please feel free.


  1. I think your work really good. You get a good likeness, and your line and color work are very nice. I think most customers dont know what a caricature is. Most want a portrait or want to be made more beautiful. I dont think you made anyone look ugly in your picture. It is her problem. I think if you do great caricatures, you'll actually get more rejects. Joe Bluhm made a whole book of them. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you for your feedback Derek.
    I will go for it then maybe one day i can have my own book as customers seems as creative as artists when its about reject there will be always good stories to publish on the subject.
    anyway i really enjoy the honest and true impact when i show them the final result and "omoshiroi"or "kowai" satisfy me both as long as i keep it alive caricature with emotions and drama.
    be good