Monday, July 26, 2010


memory sketch

this is a memory sketch of a couple i drew in Alta.
why "memory" is because i didn't have my camera with me but still i wanted to share with you this one so i redrew it.the likeness is a bit off from the original model because of the memory distortion but it is pretty much accurate specially for the guy... this dude was very cool, from texas and had a very great spirit and burst into laughter when he saw the final result...i felt great

Sunday, July 25, 2010

live sketch

here is my take on a very cute little girl that my coworker drew. as she was too cute i decided to practice my cuteish pose...


this weekend in sunshine city Ikebukuro was held the hula dance festa.
After watching few rounds of hula dance i went back to my drawing board and did this one...
I dig hawaiian dance

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

snow ball effect

i enjoy drawing wan chan's funny how sometimes pet can have pretty similar human features...he is definitely smiling no?

body situation samples

I am working on a series of body situation sample to display at the booth to promote this kind of caricature cuz its a lot of fun for the customer and also a lot of fun for the artist so here is some ideas...again inspired from brian oakes but eventually i tried to find my own line of work and i start coming up with original ideas.
enjoy it.


i was missing drawing sea creatures too much so when my coworker challenged me with a dolphin request i ceased the is my take on Maiko an other artist from Drawing studio who happened to be also a former employee of Kage's company.
enjoy it.
its a lot brianoakesishhh but what can i say i dig his style.

Monday, July 12, 2010

retail work

Here is my take on a very friendly customer who came to visit me in kashiwa Mallage booth.

Friday, July 9, 2010

commission work

In japan the groom and bride often choose to thank their parents offering them flowers, sake and caricature.
those drawings are my first attempt of commission work and i have a lot to figure out to improve style, coloring and speed execution.
feel free to comment and give your feed back if you feel like sharing some tips to help me improve my work.

back in business

hello fellas sorry for the "no post land" but since i have been let go from caricature japan 5 months ago i was out of job and therefore i was lacking of new work to update but its about to change because i got a new opportunity of retail caricature position.
I started working with one of Kage's former employee , the very talented Taka Watanabe who started his own caricature company:DRAWING STUDIO.
I am currently preforming live sketch in ALTA sunshine city Ikebukuro until mid August and work few times this month in MALLAGE in Kashiwa.
please stop by, have a drawing and laugh happily ever after.