Saturday, June 6, 2009

work in progress

"idol"is the theme chosen for June's contest.

i had no clear idea on the subject so i went a bit off the theme and decided to pay a tribute to Kage who may not be an idol yet but surely gathers already number of fans each time he appears at the booth to perform live caricature.

here is a quick thumbnail i did to illustrate the first idea that crossed my mind.

if you have a close look at it you will see red panties flying thru cuz i thought it was the most popular cliche of what fans would throw on stage but after showing arround the drawing to have a feedback on the impact it turned out that nobody got the joke cuz here in japan fans don't do such things.

so i will have to adjust a bit to the japanese standard but the final result should be pretty close to the rough version...i keep you posted.

be good

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing the final draft. Good likeness and very nice panties!